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Troubled young actress's family requests conservatorship

Teenage celebrities are often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Reports of reckless behavior and criminal activity seem to come with the territory. When a young person in Hudson County continuously makes choices that put him or her in danger it may be a good idea for his or her parents to consider a conservatorship.

Teenage actress Amanda Bynes is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after her parents filed for a 30-day conservatorship of their daughter. The request is being delayed after a judged order Ms. Bynes to complete her evaluation before a decision is made. If the judge does side with Ms. Bynes parents, what exactly will that mean for her future?

According to reports, if Ms. Bynes parents are awarded conservatorship over her they would be able to make many important decisions for her, including who she can be with, where she can live and which doctors she can visit. They could also have a say in any business related activity their daughter was involved in, including any endorsements or contracts. However, in order for her parents to win, they must prove that their daughter is not capable of providing for her own basic needs.

Although conservatorships are often granted for adults or kids with disabilities, people who have problems with substance abuse or mental illness can also be put under a conservatorship. Speaking with an experienced attorney who deals with guardianship and conservatorship might be a good idea if a person finds him or herself in a similar situation.

Source: BuzzFeed, “What will a conservatorship mean for Amanda Bynes?,” Natasha Vargas-Cooper, July 30, 2013

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