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Mother granted temporary conservatorship of daughter

When a person over the age of 18 is deemed an “incapacitated individual”, someone unable to properly manage his or her life, a legal guardianship or conservatorship can be put into place. A guardianship or conservatorship essentially transfers the responsibility for a person’s personal affairs to a legal guardian. This may be another individual, multiple individuals or even a designated entity.

A California judge recently granted a temporary conservatorship to the mother of Amanda Bynes who was recently involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital after a series of incidents said to indicate her instability, including her May 2013 arrest in Manhattan. In that case, the actress was accused of throwing a bong out of her apartment window. The temporary conservatorship gives Bynes’ mother control over her daughter’s health and finances until the end of September.

The judge reportedly held a hearing at the hospital which extended Bynes’ physicatric hold to a period of 30 days. Bynes’ attorney stated that she did not feel the conservatorship was necessary. Doctors would not permit the actress to leave the hospital to in court for the decision on the conservatorship.

Reasons for obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship range from mental illness to an incapacity due to disability. No matter the reason for the need, having a court appointed guardian or conservator manage someone’s life can be the best way to protect them. If you believe a loved one may be in need of such help, you may wish to consult with an attorney to understand the process.

Source: CBS News, “Amanda Bynes’ mother granted conservatorship over her daughter,” August 9, 2013

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