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Wills are necessary for people, even when they are married

People who are single might sometimes think that they are the only ones that need a will. They think that the families of people who are married and have children will just get all of their belongings. The truth is, even married people should have wills. While in many states their family will get their belongings, it is important that people's assets are distributed according to their wishes. Sometimes people don't understand the estate laws of their state, and their assets might not end up going where they think they will.

People often don't like talking about estate planning because it reminds them of death. The fact is everyone alive today will eventually die. This can be something unpleasant to think about, but it is a basic truth about life. So, if a person can face this fact, they can then face the fact that they should plan for when that day might come. This isn't meant to scare people, but to remind them that it is important to plan for their own sake and their family's sake, so they don't have to deal with estate planning during a very emotional time.

Speaking with an experienced estate planning attorney might be a wise idea. People who have families or even those who have very few family members all can benefit from making an estate plan. People should let their family know of their wishes, and help ensure that any transfer of assets upon their death can be done as smoothly as possible.

An estate planning attorney can address a person's questions on the process that will take place after a death and basic questions about probate and different estate planning documents.

Source: The Washington Post, "Men without wills: Do one, and spare your survivors some pain," John Kelly, March 11, 2013

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