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October 2011 Archives

Worth of living will highlighted by MD case

What could be more difficult than to be faced with having to make the choice about ending the life of a loved one? Family law experts in New Jersey know that an advanced directive, or living will, can help avoid such a situation.

Bill against elder abuse introduced in Senate

A push to better protect seniors against abuse and fraud is now before the U.S. Senate. Two Democratic lawmakers have introduced a measure called the Guardian Accountability and Senior Protection Act. Estate planning attorneys in New Jersey and elsewhere likely are watching its progress.

Battle rages over Kevorkian-created artwork

The sole heir of Dr. Jack Kevorkian wants artwork created by the assisted-suicide advocate and other of his items back, but she's getting a fight from the museum that holds them. The Armenian Library and Museum of America says Kevorkian donated the goods. It's gone to court in a bid to keep them. Estate planning attorneys in New Jersey and elsewhere are watching to see how it plays out.

Legal guardian pleads guilty to endangerment in child's death

Legal guardianship is not a matter to be entered into lightly. As we indicated in an earlier post, when a court appoints someone to the guardian role, the task isn't simply to provide general care, but to always act in the ward's best interest. Sometimes that doesn't happen, but the system doesn't act in time. The result can be horrible injury, or even death. A case out of Union County Superior Court highlights what we mean.

Will the 35 percent estate tax impact Steve Jobs' trusts?

Following the death of Steve Jobs earlier this month, many people in New Jersey are wondering about the details of his multi-billion dollar estate, especially since he died in a year with a 35 percent estate tax. Due to his long fight with pancreatic cancer, some people may assume that his estate planning was well thought-out and meticulously prepared. However, other people are still wondering about the specifics of his estate -- though as we discussed in our last post about trusts, the details of his estate may remain secret.

How Steve Jobs used trusts to effectively keep his estate private

When a person dies, all the assets that are in that person's name must be transferred to a living person. In New Jersey, this is typically done in the probate process. When estate planning documents are completed before a person dies, it can help ensure the process moves smoothly.

Knowing what to expect from the New Jersey estate planning process

Our posts include a great deal of information about estate planning, but we often focus on the actual estate planning documents. If you are working with estate planning lawyers in Kearny, it is important to know what to expect at each stage of the process.

Using a will to protect the financial integrity of your estate

One case of a horribly mismanaged estate planning portfolio recently surfaced in New Jersey. A couple, perhaps unknowingly, granted their bank nearly full control of their assets in the event that they died. The couple had an estate valued at nearly $2 million, and they had written their will almost nine years prior.

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