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Helping loved ones avoid power of attorney abuse

The power of attorney is a powerful legal document that grants a person full control over many aspects of a person's estate, including medical treatment, finances and estate distribution. In some states a divorce automatically revokes a power of attorney granted to a spouse.

Three critical estate planning documents for New Jersey residents

Planning with an eye for your future mortality can be a depressing experience for some. Yet you want to know that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event or your sudden passing, and several documents are crucial to estate planning. In states like New Jersey, where estate planning can be a complicated process, there are three documents of which you should be aware of: a healthcare proxy appointment, power of attorney and living will.

Will contest after boxer's death is a reminder for all of us

Proper estate planning is not rushed. It is a process that happens continually over time. When circumstances change - such as a new marriage or divorce -- it is necessary to address those changes in your estate plan. Such changes typically include a change in marital status. It is normal for New Jersey residents to want to rethink the beneficiaries on their accounts when they have just entered into a new marriage, or when they have just gone through a divorce.

Caring for special needs individuals is complex

New Jersey individuals who have special needs will require the help of a guardian to make necessary life decisions for them regarding their care. People may have special needs either because they were born with physical or mental disabilities, or because they have been in an accident or have suffered a debilitating disease.

Have kids in college? Consider a health care directive

When a child goes off to college, parents fuss over what they will need for their dorm rooms, warn them of the dangers of drinking, make sure that they have enough money in their food accounts and feel sad at the knowledge that their house will be a little too quiet.

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