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May 2011 Archives

Is a trust right for you?

Individuals who have a net worth of more than $100,000 and want a higher degree of control over their assets when they die may benefit from a trust. In most states, including New Jersey, a trust allows one to distribute assets to family members without having to go through a probate court, which can deplete a sizeable chunk of the estate.

Using health care proxies and living wills in New Jersey

An advance medical directive, more commonly known as a living will, allows individuals to specify what type of medical treatment they wish to receive if they are unable speak or otherwise communicate.

Estate planning tips just for New Jersey women

Estate planning is critical for men and women. However, there are a few reasons that estate planning is even more important for women in New Jersey than it is for men. Women tend to have longer life expectancies, and they tend to marry men who are older than they are. As a result, women are more often widowed than men.

Estate planning tips for LGBT couples in New Jersey

In many of our posts, we have talked about the importance of estate planning and why it is necessary for everyone to create one. In New Jersey, an estate plan provides a legal plan of action for what should happen to your estate when you die. With the right documents, an estate plan can also help ensure your loved ones know how to handle your affairs if you become sick or incapacitated.

A review of estate planning basics for New Jersey residents

Many people overlook estate planning, but the importance of developing an appropriate plan for your home and property cannot be stressed enough, regardless of your income. With an estate plan, it is crucial to account for all applicable state and federal laws.

Why everyone in New Jersey needs a will

Many people in New Jersey assume that estate planning is only necessary for the rich and the famous. People think that unless they have multiple properties or a million-dollar heirloom that they do not need a will or trust. In reality, that could not be further from correct.

Disinheriting an ex: Updating your will after New Jersey divorce

Estate planning tools can be a great way to help ensure your property is divided the way you want when you die. If you are married, there is a good chance that your will currently states that the majority of your property should go to your husband or spouse when you die.

The most effective way to preserve the funds in your retirement accounts

Financial experts say that parents who make loans to adult children are making emotional investments that can deplete retirement funds. Educating children early about money can help keep parents' long-term retirement savings intact. Although it may be hard to turn your children down when they ask for money, it can help ensure your estate plan and retirement plans are financially supported.

Estate planning for New Jersey baby boomers

Many baby boomers have spent the past 25 years working hard to earn a living and build a strong portfolio of assets. Unfortunately, only 11 percent of those individuals say they're confident they'll be able to retire in financial security. In total, about 55 percent said they were somewhat certain they could retire with financial security, and 44 percent said they had little to no faith they would have enough money when their careers ended.

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