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September 2010 Archives

Make Plans for Return of Estate Tax in 2011

Unless Congress acts soon to change the law (and time is running out!), the federal estate tax will return in 2011 after disappearing for 2010. Not only that, Jersey City estate planning attorneys are warning their clients that the 2011 tax will be tougher than the one those same estate planning lawyers were working with in 2009.

Creating a Special Needs Plan in New Jersey

In many families with special needs children, the child will continue to live at home with his or her parents long into adulthood. Even if the child does not continue to live at home, parents often continue to play an active role in providing care and support.

So You've Got an Estate Plan, But Is It Still Accurate?

We talk a lot about getting in early and seeing someone regarding your estate plan. This is 100 percent true - it is rarely ever too early to start planning for your future, the future of a spouse or the wellbeing of loved ones. Even if you do not own a large amount of assets, having something like a will in your back pocket can provide a significant measure of mental ease.

Left without Direction, Families Spend Thousands Trying to Find It

When Texas schoolteacher, D. Preston, passed away more than five years ago, she left no will or any other piece of estate planning. Her only heir, as The Texas Tribune points out, was a 52-year-old adopted son who is also mentally handicapped. The assets she left behind were modest, but family members hoped it would be enough to provide for him following her death.

Filing an Inheritance "Disclaimer" in New Jersey

Suppose that a loved one, perhaps an uncle, passes away and, afterwards, you discover that you are the listed beneficiary on his life insurance policy. However, you do not really need the money right now. You have a good job, control over your debt and do not have any vehicle or home loans.

Setting up a Directed Trust

Say that you are a small business owner, with a significant amount of assets even without counting your business. Now imagine that you would like to put most or all of your assets into a trust to avoid probate and protect them for future generations. You choose a bank to manage the trust, but there's one problem.

Six Common Questions Regarding Wills, Part One

In a recent article posted on The New York Times' financial blog, Tara Siegel Bernard took on the question of creating a will - six questions to be exact. As we have said and as you may well know, creating an estate plan is one of the most confusing areas of the law.

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